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Unforgettable travel pieces. Craftsmanship beyond frontiers.

ALVICA is a curated shopping destination that evokes a sense of summer wanderlust and travel discovery. Bringing elegant, versatile yet timeless pieces of exceptional quality to your doorstep – that are as unique as their cultural heritage.

Our capsules are based on chic and distinctively diverse garments & accessories – with stories to tell. Our handpicked curation is a colourful mosaic of memories, culture, tradition and distant places. Carefully selected by her sharp eye.

From the bright lemons of Capri to the colourful linen of Naples to the joyous pompons of Marrakech, each piece is emblematic of a place and a celebration of craftsmanship.

ALVICA was inspired by our founder’s travels, her soul fulfilling journeys, her vigorous pursuit of effortless elegance and one-of-a-kind statement pieces – and the artisans and designers she met along the way.

Pieces and People
With Stories to Tell.

We strive to nurture meaningful and genuine long-lasting relationships with the local artisans, families and small designers we work hand in hand with. And wish to preserve and celebrate cultural heritage by showcasing their outstanding craftsmanship to the world.

Our founder works closely with each designer, curating pieces in the utmost respect of their traditions and crafts-fostering a culture of authentic collaboration.

We are dedicated followers of slow fashion and our philosophy is simple: Fewer but better clothes. This is why we only buy in small quantities.

We believe in fair trade and transparency. We want to offer women unique garments and accessories of the utmost quality at a fair & accessible price.

Each product is handmade, requiring great skills and using special techniques – and we believe the price should reflect the labour and love that goes into every seam and stitch.   

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A Pair of Slippers
With a Story to Tell.

Our story begins in the pumping heart of Marrakech in 2018, with a pair of handmade slippers discovered by ALVICA’s founder, on one of her treasure hunts to the bustling markets and small artisanal shops.

Her sharp Parisian eye has a soft spot for the perfect statement piece that makes an outfit- effortlessly elegant and stylish.

So unsurprisingly, the slippers became a hit on the streets of London, where friends and strangers alike, were drawn to their timeless elegance and unique colourful touch - bringing Marrakesh to their doorstep!

And so the idea of ALVICA was born.
An online destination that selects unique, sun-soaked, soulful travel pieces just for you!

Each piece, carefully crafted locally with a stitch of love and a touch of culture, are of the utmost quality and are curated with summer at heart!